Hey there, dear reader! Ever caught yourself wondering why someone would juggle multiple phones? That’s me in a nutshell. While it might seem a tad unconventional, there’s a method to my madness. Let’s dive into my world of multiple devices.

1. Diving into Different Ecosystems

  • iPhone: Ah, the iPhone. We go way back. Beyond the sleek design and snazzy features, there’s Apple Music with its high fidelity, the convenience of Apple Pay, and the seamless integration of the Apple Watch for my health data. Apple does a commendable job respecting my privacy, especially when compared to Google. It’s these little things that keep me hooked.
  • Pixel 7a with GrapheneOS: Prepping for DEFCON introduced me to this Android gem. With GrapheneOS, it became my digital armor. And, to ensure mindful interaction, I set up a separate TikTok account on it. It’s my little reminder to ask, “Do I really need a TikTok break right now?”
  • Samsung S23: My mini film studio. Samsung’s camera prowess combined with TikTok’s features is a content creator’s dream.
  • Purism Librem 5: My inner geek couldn’t resist this Linux-powered marvel. It’s like having a pocket-sized computer, especially with the Lapdock.

2. My Security Blanket

Having different phones is my safety net. Each device serves a unique role, ensuring my personal data stays personal. It’s comforting to segregate personal and work data. By isolating data into different buckets, I add an extra layer of security. In today’s digital age, a bit of caution goes a long way.

3. Mental Well-being and Work-Life Balance

Setting boundaries is crucial, especially when a hobby starts feeling like work. My devices help me strike a balance between work and leisure. Platforms like TikTok, while entertaining, can be a rabbit hole. By setting intentional barriers, I ensure a balanced digital life, fostering mental well-being.

4. Digital Spring Cleaning

Switching to the iPhone 15 isn’t just about the upgrade. It’s an opportunity for a digital detox. A fresh start lets me declutter, reevaluate, and introspect. It’s about shedding digital baggage and embracing a minimalist approach.

5. My Social Media Corner

I’ve become super selective with apps. My social media list is curated to essentials like Reddit, Signal, and Matrix. Beyond that, I’m decluttering across the board, aiming for a distraction-free device.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it – a peek into my multi-phone life. If you’re pondering a similar setup or just curious, I hope my tale offers some insights. Let me know what you think over on Mastodon, Matrix, my personal Discord devoted to Linux, tinkering, and cybersecurity, the OwlSec Discord focused on Ethical Hacking, or in the comments below. I’d love to chat!

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